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Highway 69 Four Laning Study - North of Highway 559 to North of Highway 522  
  Environmental Assessment Process
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Route planning for Highway 69 has followed a detailed planning process. The process is outlined in the Class Environmental Assessment for Provincial Transportation Facilities (MTO, 2000), which has been approved under the Ontario Environmental Assessment Act for this type of study. This Highway 69 Route Planning Study followed the Class Environmental Assessment (Class EA) process for Group ‘A’ projects.

Elements of effective planning and route selection involve:

  • Data collection
  • An understanding of the area’s social, economic, natural environment and transportation features
  • Public participation both at formal milestones and on an ongoing basis
  • Progressive decision making, from broad corridor alternatives to selection of a Recommended Plan to design and study documentation

The Route Planning phase is an extensive and involved process, requiring the input of many engineering and environmental specialists in the areas of highway and bridge design, traffic engineering, geotechnical engineering, water quality and drainage, aquatic and terrestrial biology, wildlife and birds, air quality, noise, economic and business assessment and archaeology. Public participation and consultation with property owners and other interested parties is also a significant element of the decision process.

Please refer to the graphic below for an overview of the study process.

Note : Please click on the image for a larger version.