Project Area Map

Project Area Map

Project Overview

The Ministry of Transportation is responsible for providing a safe and efficient transportation system. Highway 69 is an important route that connects rural communities, urban areas, First Nation communities and recreational areas within Northern Ontario. As part of the Trans-Canada Highway System, Highway 69 is one of the two vital highway links between Northern Ontario/Western Canada and Southern Ontario via connection with Highway 400.

The four-laning of Highway 69 is part of a strategic network improvement plan connecting Southern and Northern Ontario (via both the Highway 69 and Highway 11 corridors), as outlined in the Highway 69 Corridor Action Plan [français]. A four lane Highway 69 will improve road safety by reducing congestion, providing opportunities for passing, physically separating opposing lanes of traffic, and eliminating turning movements through the provision of interchanges at key roadway crossings. Four-laning will also reduce travel time through the area, and minimize impacts to traffic movement caused by roadway maintenance or unanticipated incidents. These benefits are expected to enhance economic growth both within the project limits and Northern Ontario in general.

The current project consists of the Detail Design work required for the four-laning of Highway 69 from 2.9 km north of Highway 522 to 4.5 km north of Highway 64. The Detail Design will carry forward the issues and commitments identified as part of the 2004 Route Planning Study, which identified a recommended alignment and improvements for this section of Highway 69. A key component of addressing these issues is consultation. Current information about the consultation program can be found on the Upcoming Events page of this website.

It was initially anticipated that this project would be constructed in three phases from North to South. Phase 1 went to construction in 2012. Phases two and three are now combined into a single construction contract.

Phase 1

From 4.5 km North of Highway 64, southerly to a new interchange at Highway 64.

Phase 2-3

From 2.9 Km North of Highway 522 to 2.6 Km North of Highway 607.

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