Project Area Map

Project Area Map

EA Process

The Detail Design for Highway 69 four-laning has followed the planning process for a Group “B” project as outlined in the Class Environmental Assessment for Provincial Transportation Facilities (MTO, 2000).

In 2004, a Route Planning Study and Environmental Assessment Report (RPEAR) was completed which identified the recommended alignment for this section of Highway 69. This report documented the planning process and outlined additional work required during Detail Design to finalize the preferred design and develop any required mitigation measures. The RPEAR is available for download on the Reports page of the project website.

It was initially anticipated that this project would be constructed in three phases from north to south. Phase 1 went to construction in 2012. Phases two and three are now combined into a single construction contract.

Public input is encouraged throughout Detail Design. Two Public Information Centres (PICs) were held for this project (in April 2008 and October 2009) which provided an opportunity for members of the public to review design refinements, exchange information, and ask questions of the Project Team. Notices for each PIC were posted on the Upcoming Events page, published in local newspapers, and sent to persons on the project mailing list. If you wish to be added to our mailing list or submit comments and questions, please go to the Contact Us section of this website.

The first Design and Construction Report (DCR No.1) was completed and filed for public viewing in July/August 2008. The report addressed the main grading contract for Phase 1, and the advance clearing contract for all three phases. Design and Construction Report No. 1 including all relevant appendices is available on the Reports page of this website.

Design and Construction Report (DCR No. 2) has been prepared and is now available for a 30-day review period (beginning February 25th, 2015). A Notice of Completion advertising this review period was published in English in the Sudbury Star, and in French in Sudbury Le Voyageur, and is available on the Upcoming Events page of this website. Notices were also mailed to all agencies and individuals on the project mailing list. Design and Construction Report No. 2 is available at the review locations indicated on the Notice of Completion [français], and on the Reports page of this website.

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