Project Area Map

Project Area Map

Highway 69 Four-Laning From 3.8 km North of Highway 522
Northerly to 4.5 km North of Highway 64
Environmental Assessment Addendum Report
(Daoust Lake Road and Brazier Road Realignment)
G.W.P. 5378-02-00

The Ministry of Transportation has re-examined the design of the Daoust Lake Road and Brazier Road west of the Highway 64 Interchange. The purpose of the re-examination was to determine if an alternative configuration would better address the dominant traffic movement, minimize the length of the new roadway required and minimize impacts on existing properties.

The recommended changes to the original design have been documented in an Addendum to the Route Planning Study Report. This report is available to download by clicking on this link. The report was also made available for review at the locations listed below.
Municipality of Killarney
32 Commissioner Street
Killarney, ON
Municipality of French River
17 Dollard Street
Noëlville, ON
Ministry of the Environment
Sudbury District Office
199 Larch Street, Suite 1201
Sudbury, ON
Ministry of Transportation
447 McKeown Ave
4th Floor
North Bay, ON
Since the overall route planning design has been approved under the requirements of the Class Environmental Assessment for Provincial Transportation Facilities process for a Group ‘A’ project, opportunities for requesting a project “bump-up” are only applicable to the changes documented in the EA Addendum (i.e. the modified roadway realignment of Daoust Lake Road and Brazier Road). The Addendum Report was filed on January 30, 2008, and the review period ended March 3, 2008. The project has met the requirements of the Environmental Assessment Act.

If you wish to obtain additional information about this project, please contact either of the Project Team members referenced in the Contact Us page.

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